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Are You Connecting Emotionally with Your Customers?

March 12, 2019 by OSYB Staff

QuickSprout shares that creating an emotional response in your customers has good marketing outcomes.  “In fact, 43% of emotional advertisements had positive effects on businesses for three or more years.”

So based on this assumption, here are some of the areas that QuickSprout mentions that you should work on to trigger emotional responses:

  1.   Work on building trust with your customers and establish a strong reputation.
  2.   Identify the desires of your customers and show them them the correlation between your product/service and the fulfillment of their desire.
  3.   Be creative and work humor into your content.  A happy, good humored customer may be more apt to listen to your pitch.
  4.   Build inspiration in to your connections with customers, use powerful words and images.
  5.   Encourage kindness and share joy.

Use positive energy to greet and connect with potential customers.  Perhaps, this won’t immediately impact your bottom line, but over time people will remember how you make them feel good.

For details and examples:  How to Generate Sales by Triggering an Emotional Response from Your Customers

Image Credit:  Deposit Photos