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Does Outsourced Bookkeeping Have Hidden Fees?

November 1, 2022 by OSYB Staff

Whether it’s making a new clothing purchase or taking on new software at work, the fact remains—costs are one of the most important factors to consider with a new purchase. 

Everyone wants to get what they pay for. That’s why there’s nothing worse than hidden fees that sneak up on you and take you by surprise.

Your bookkeeping is no different. Knowing the costs upfront is important, whether you’re going with an in-house bookkeeper or choosing to outsource your bookkeeping.

Below, we’ll touch on whether there are hidden fees with outsourced bookkeeping. But first, let’s talk about the costs you might incur with an in-house bookkeeper. 

Hidden Fees Associated With an In-House Bookkeeper

By now, you might be thinking:

What fees? Don’t I pay them a salary, and that’s it?”

While there might not be any truly “hidden” fees attached to an in-house bookkeeper, certain costs don’t come to mind right away—on top of a flat salary.

For starters, you have employee benefits. Any employee you hire should have a benefits package that includes medical, dental, and other benefits your company provides. All these packages are additional costs you might not consider when hiring a brand-new employee. 

Next is the actual cost of hiring someone. The hiring process can be costly—hiring recruiters (if necessary), providing company-specific training, and even the cost of office space, supplies, and equipment are all costs you’ll need to be aware of. 

You’ve also got the cost of sick days and vacation days. Every employee gets sick and needs time off—there’s no way around it. These are costs that your company will need to deal with when the time comes. When your in-house bookkeeper takes time off, who handles your books?

Although an in-house bookkeeper may be the correct solution for certain companies in specific situations, there are costs to consider outside of a flat salary. 

Does Outsourced Bookkeeping Come With Hidden Fees?

On the other hand, we have outsourced bookkeeping. Depending on your chosen company, you’ll likely not have any hidden fees to deal with—any reputable company will clearly outline the costs of their bookkeeping services before starting a contract.

For example, at OSYB, we communicate any costs upfront for both setup and any ongoing services we provide. This ensures a positive relationship between us and our clients. 

The best way to find reputable companies with no hidden fees is to consult reviews and recommendations. Companies with honest policies regarding their fees will have glowing reviews, and those trying to hide certain fees will likely have horror stories attached to their review section.

Get Worry-Free Outsourced Bookkeeping With OSYB

If you want worry-free bookkeeping with no hidden fees attached, OSYB is the answer. Our outsourced bookkeeping services give you transparency into your information while providing you with a team of experts to handle your books. We’ll handle all of the quality control and advanced functions so that you can focus on your high-income tasks. 

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