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Who Handles My Books With an Outsourced Bookkeeping Service?

December 8, 2022 by OSYB Staff

From CPAs to medical professionals—nearly every industry can benefit from outsourced bookkeeping. 

Here’s the thing: For businesses that have solely operated using an in-house bookkeeper, switching to an outsourced bookkeeping service may raise certain questions. 

For example, who actually handles your books with an outsourced bookkeeping service? 

Below, we’ll highlight who handles your books with an outsourced bookkeeping service and explain how OSYB operates. 

Is it One Person or a Team?

How an outsourced bookkeeping service handles your books depends entirely on the service you use. 

Many outsourced or virtual bookkeeping services offer a team of experts to handle your books. Some freelance bookkeepers offer virtual bookkeeping services as the sole member of a one-person team. This might be fine in some cases and could keep your costs lower, depending on the freelancer you choose. 

However, you can run into a few problems with only one person managing your books. 

With a single person at the helm of your bookkeeping, you lose the benefit of having a team checking over your books and catching any errors. Mistakes can happen even if the freelancer you choose is one of the best around. In some cases, these mistakes can cause costly issues for your business.

Availability issues can also arise with only one person handling your books—just like with an in-house bookkeeper. Freelancers need time to themselves, have sick days, and need vacation time. 

The other option is choosing an outsourced bookkeeping service with a team handling your books. The costs could be higher, depending on the service you choose, but you ultimately get what you pay for. A team handling your books means you’ve got more eyes on the work, and more mistakes get caught. You also run into fewer availability issues—if one person assigned to your account is out for any time, the service will have another team member handle the workload. 

This is how OSYB operates—we use a team approach to our engagements with a staff member, manager, and partner. Any day-to-day work is handled by the staff member, with a manager or partner working to ensure that our quality standards are upheld. 

Do I Have Access to My Books?

If you’re concerned about handing over your bookkeeping without transparency, don’t worry—many outsourced bookkeeping services have methods to allow you to see what’s going on and keep on top of your books. The way that this works will depend entirely on the system that the outsourced bookkeeping service uses.

For example, at OSYB, we use a hosting service on a secure server. You’ll be able to view your information and perform any necessary actions while OSYB handles the quality control and advanced functions. 

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