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Website Cyber Threats

June 25, 2019 by OSYB Staff

QuickSprout shares that 43% of cyber crimes are against small businesses, an estimated 54% of companies worldwide say they have experienced at least one attack within the last year, and the sad news is that 38% of businesses report that they are not prepared to handle a cyber attack. Do you recognize cyber threats? Here […]

Simple Bookkeeping Guide

June 20, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Starting a small business and not quite prepared to hire a professional bookkeeper? Intuit Quickbooks shares some easy simple steps to start you off: First decide which type of accounting system you will use: Cash accounting – Tracks cash flow as it enters and leaves your business in real time, accounts receivable and accounts payable […]

Organize Your Paperwork

June 18, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Running a small business is a gargantuan workload, simplify whatever tasks you can to simplify the flow of business. Nothing is worse than wasting precious time in search of paperwork. Intuit Quickbooks shares an organization methodology worth starting: Stock up on organization tools: Filing cabinet File folders Label maker for folders Shredder Safe for important […]

Starting a Business with Zero Funds

June 13, 2019 by OSYB Staff

TechPluto suggests that zero capital should not deter executing a solid business plan. Here are some of their suggestions on how to launch a good business plan with little to no capital: Work on your business plan – take all the time you need to strategize, test your business plan and refine it, study the […]

Starting Up a New Business?

June 11, 2019 by OSYB Staff

The decision has been made, business market research is completed, and you are ready to join the ranks of new business owners. Intuit QuickBooks shares next steps that you need to take to open your doors for business: Before you choose a business name, perform a corporate search with your Secretary of State office to […]

Avoid a Tax Audit

June 6, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Taxes have been filed and paid, yet, for a small number of businesses and or individual tax payers, a tax audit is in their future. Intuit Quickbooks shares that “An audit committee at the United States IRS office uses a computer program called the Discriminant Function System (DIF) that analyzes returns and red flags them […]

Interesting Facts About Payday

June 4, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Intuit QuickBooks surveyed 1,000 employees over the age of 18, all over the country from different businesses, and asked them questions about their thoughts and feelings on payday. Here are some of their interesting findings: Friday is the most common payday with a response of over 53% with 44% of respondents reporting being paid every […]

Build Up Your Blog Audience

May 30, 2019 by OSYB Staff

A well-written blog with solid content is important but that is just a portion of the success for your blog, another equally important component is having a strong audience following that wants to hear from you. QuickSprout shares with you a list comprehensive guides to help grow your blog audience and here are some of […]