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Thinking About Selling Food Online?

August 29, 2019 by OSYB Staff

When you think of online businesses, the food industry may not be your first thought but Intuit Quickbooks shares that, ” As of 2018, the online grocery shopping in the United States is a $17.5 billion industry. But there are plenty of other ways to sell food online as well.” If you run a restaurant, you should look into the online food delivery market that is globally growing at a 14.8% year-over-year rate.”

If food is of interest and you are already running a food related business or want to do so, resources for creating a food ecommerce site are not common so here are some suggestions from Intuit QuickBooks:

  • learn as much as you can about all of the legal regulations for selling food online not just in the US but abroad, as regulations vary
  • research thoroughly all possible reputable suppliers and check and double-check their credentials and claims
  • discover your niche in this large industry; stick and cater to the specific needs of your targeted market
  • spend time on your branding, be thoughtful of the needs and wants of your niche group, and your branding needs to create a balanced tone of what you offer, who you are offering to and why your customers should buy from you
  • create a brand name that accords you the opportunity to expand your products and services in future
  • understand color and use this understanding to make sound marketing decisions when designing your branding strategy
  • packaging and labeling while reflective of your branding also has to meet required preservative measures and include all legally required food labels
  • price your products appropriately while considering all your expenses, understanding your niche market and what the market can bear
  • create your on-line store


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