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Position Your Small Business to be Competitive this Holiday Season

October 11, 2018 by OSYB Staff

It’s time to gear up for what is the busiest season of the year for most small businesses.  “According to the National Retail Federation, sales could climb even higher than initially predicted due to higher wages, more disposable income, and a strong job market.”

Don’t let major online e-commerce giants dwarf your ability to compete for your market share.  David Kalt, Forbes.com, shares 3 tips for you to enlist this holiday season and take the market share your small business deserves:

  • Prioritize transparency and details – “A recent study released by the eCommerce Foundation found that nearly 90% of consumers do preliminary research online before making a purchase online or in-store.”  Knowing this share all the information on your site that will help potential customers make an informed decision about your product or service.  Let your voice be clearly heard on any environmental or philanthropic causes you support, “consumers are increasingly more loyal to purpose-driven brands”.
  • Be available online 24/7 – Maintaining an informative easy to navigate website is vital for excellent online consumer experience.  Always be available for support during business hours.  An automated response with a clear response time is appropriate for after service hours.  But look in to what apps and services are available to support your consumer’s after hours needs.
  • Embrace your niche – Keep in mind that large e-commerce giants sell an enormous variety of goods or services, whereas your market value can be reaped by highlighting your specialization.

Though you may not be able to compete with the online giants with free and fast shipping and deep discounts, find unique ways to make shopping with you a special experience; include a thank you card, offer limited low cost shipping with certain purchases, etc.  Keep in mind that there are consumers that really want to support small businesses, help them to hold on to that desire by being the best that you can be.


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Image Credit:  Deposit Photos

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