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When a Good Employee Leaves …

April 16, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Business is good, all the cogs in the wheel are rolling in what feels like a manageable level and you are meeting your marketing goals … it feels just right. Just when you think that a treasured valuable employee comes to you and shares that they will be leaving. How did that happen and what happens next?

So what can you do? Intuit QuickBooks has some suggestions:

  • talk with the employee and explore the possibilities of resolving any possible issues that you were not aware of, regardless of the outcome, a conversation with a valued employee will give you insights into what works and what can be improved
  • not all that is broken can be fixed, it’s important to stay true to what can be done and what can’t be done
  • when all has been said and all avenues explored, work together to transition them out with colleagues and clients, and set-up a process by which their tasks and responsibilities can be smoothly transferred to responsible parties that have identified
  • make sure that all the termination paperwork is filled out in a timely manner and that the employee is paid any wages and benefits that are due to them on the date of termination
  • end on a good note, keeping in mind that sometimes professional paths in an industry criss-cross or reconnect

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