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Inclusivity Tips for Remote Staff

December 19, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Most organizations include staff that work remotely. Working remotely has benefits for both the employees and employers, however a possible downside is building “team spirit”. INC has some suggestions on just how to do that:

  • hold regular webcam meetings that are sustainable and fit into work patterns and schedules
  • consider quarterly, bi-annual or annual face-to-face meetings with your remote staff
  • be open to hosting casual webcam gatherings with no work agenda but an opportunity to get to know each other
  • share with all your staff the importance of their roles in the company and how what they do fills a need to meet company goals
  • proactively share how employees can monitor their own performance
  • make sure everyone on the team knows what is required of them and the goals they need to meet within set time frames

All employees can do their best work when they know what is expected of them within set parameters.


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