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Big Vision for Your Business- Goal Setting and Vision Evolution

February 27, 2017 by Ed Becker

Small business owners started with a big vision, that’s why they started their own business. Many times, the craziness of being a small business owner and wearing many hats pushes that big vision to the back of their mind. During the day-to-day of running a business the vision loses priority. This can cause you to make decisions or chose a path that is not in line with your big vision, and sometimes it will fail, but almost always it will feel off, even if it was somewhat successful.

In this article, we will discuss big vision evaluation and goal setting for your small business. This usually also crosses over into a small business owner’s personal life, simply because your business is an integral part of you!

Goal setting is something that we know we are supposed to do, and many of us are very good at it. The issue with setting goals without reevaluating your big vision, is your goals may not to be aligned to the vision. If your goals are out of alignment, your milestones and action items will also be out of alignment. Any good business or life coach is going to ask you to start with your big vision, which will evolve, grow and change as you personally develop and your business grows.

Big Vision

This started before you decided to start your own business, it was the reason you chose that path. Unless you revisit your big vision regularly, it is easy to get out of alignment. Multimillionaires talk regularly about revisiting their vision and dreams daily, as part of their mindset and planning work.

Does your vision exceed what you can fathom at this moment in your business or your life? If your vision does not scare you, it isn’t big enough and you are limiting yourself and your impact. This new year let’s lock in on that huge, scary, wildest dreams vision!

If you had no restrictions: money was not an issue, time was not an issue; you could dream the most radical dream for your business and your life possible, what would it be? This can take some time and some deep soul searching to let go of all the negative thoughts and dream so big. Once you do this, then you have locked in where you want to go. It is like going on vacation, you lock in your dream location. From here on,  you start setting goals.


To set goals, you work backwards from your big vision. What do I have to do to get there? What must happen to create this vision? You set goals of what you need to achieve and what needs to happen to get there.

Once you have goals set, you then break the goals down into milestones. Asking similar questions,  but simplify your goals into shorter time spans. So, you must reach these 3 milestones to complete this goal…and so on.

After milestones, you list action items. These can be weekly or daily, if you want to get super detailed. Or you can leave the daily action items for your weekly planning. If your milestones are weekly targets, then you plan your week in action items to reach that milestone.

By locking in on your huge, unbelievable vision–what you really want to achieve–you can work backwards, so to speak, right down to daily action items that will give you a step-by-step action plan. Breaking your vision into goals, your goals into milestones, and your milestones into action items, you are much more likely to attain them. An action item a day, a few actions items a week that you can complete, allows you successes regularly. This reduces stress and being overwhelmed, plus you should celebrate every milestone you hit! The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start this!

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