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An Important Message from OSYB

March 30, 2020 by Ed Becker

Good Morning:

OSYB would like to make you aware that we are seeing an increase in fraudulent activity in our clients’ accounts.  Please be extra vigilant and review your bank account transactions, Paypal accounts, credit card charges, and any other sources of funding daily, or more frequently.  We are seeing an increase in phishing emails and email accounts are being hacked and often times are going unnoticed.  Please do not share your email passwords with anyone and remember to change your passwords frequently.

We ask that you be extra vigilant with all your business transactions in the course of each day.  Unfortunately, during this crisis period, these type of scams and fraudulent attempts are expected to increase.

You may have noticed we are asking for more authorizations on phone, text, and email verifications on all activity directly affecting your funding sources.  Extra controls should be put in place as you review your bank activity, credit card activity and bill payments. We suggest setting up alerts on all your accounts.  Many banks offer services such as Positive Pay, Reverse Positive Pay, and Auto Debit Blocks.

Your day-to-day involvement is critical. We will continue to secure all sensitive client financial information and send sensitive documents through secure email. We will be asking more security questions and seek your approval for more tasks. 

Please take the time to put in any security and or control procedures that will help protect your data, identity, and financial information. Contact your banking representative and credit card companies to see what is available for you. Contact your insurance broker about cyber insurance policies.   We are here to assist you in putting these preventative measures in place.

We appreciate your continued patience as we call, text, or email you for your review and approval.  These added security measure are in place to protect your business activity.  Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

Edward Becker, CPA


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