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Is Your Business Aligned to Succeed?

October 10, 2016 by Ed Becker

Is Your Small Business Aligned to Succeed?

When you first had thoughts of starting your own business, you were excited, passionate, and ready to take on the world in your own way. The reasons are numerous for those thoughts and feelings: being independent, not answering to a boss or punching a time clock, having the need to prove something to yourself or to others, etc.; the list can go on and on. Most often people that take the risk and plunge in to start their own business do it because they are following their own passions or dreams. This reason creates true aligned success!

Is Your Small Business Aligned to Succeed?

Do you feel off, or out of touch, or is your business just not quite what you think it should be? It could be that you are out of alignment with your true purpose and the passion that made you start your own business. When we get out of our personal true alignment, life does not feel right. It may be just the feeling that something is “off” or it could be that you feel totally out of sorts.

When you are living your life in alignment with your true self and your true purpose, it is magical. I know that is not a business term per se. But it is true. Think about when you have feelings of passion for life, when you do things that you love that give you excitement and pleasure, it is magical. You just know that the universe is aligned perfectly with you.

Life is about more than just you and business, it is about doing what you were meant to do. Everyone was created for a purpose, no matter what higher power you believe in, there is some cosmic force that we are all pulled towards and we have a purpose to fulfill. But we get caught up in the what we should do in life. The American Dream: finish school, go to college, get a decent job, work hard and move up, have a mediocre life, start a family, save for retirement, etc.

Many of us realize that the American Dream in that configuration just does not sit right with our souls. We can’t follow along blindly like sheep and do what everyone else does. We question the rules, break or rebel against the norms of society. We are passionate, we are driven, we are the rebels, we do not care what most people think of us because we have an inherent need to be true to ourselves. We think outside the box, and we get claustrophobic when we are forced to stay in that box. That is why we become entrepreneurs.

So we do our own thing. We go against the grain and take the path less traveled. But sometimes along that path we get off track and fall out of alignment with our true selves and our true purpose. Things start to feel off kilter again, not quite right or we are less passionate for a time. If you are not waking up every morning, ready to jump out of bed and seize the day, then you are out of alignment, somewhere. If you are living your true purpose and living life as the true YOU, every single day is amazing and exciting and you love being you!

When you feel out of alignment it affects your business. You ARE your business. If things are slightly off key with you, it causes a ripple effect into your business. It is time to take a step back and work on your personal inventory to see where or why you are feeling off track and get yourself back in alignment with your passions and purpose. Once you do that, everything else magically falls back into place.

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