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5 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses

January 2, 2017 by Ed Becker

Of course, we all make, or at the very least think about New Year’s resolutions. They may be personal, or business resolutions, or both, if you are a small business owner. Many times, these resolutions overlap, if you are a business owner, or if you have a personal brand. Overlapping resolutions are a great option, if your personal and business lives are interdependent, and heading in the same direction.

The problem with resolutions is that so many people do well for 30 or even 90 days, then the will-power and drive wanes, and we slip back into old habits. This year, why not try something a bit different that creates better habits that you can easily stick to? This list of 5 awesome resolutions includes both personal and business items but it will guide you in a way that you may not have looked at resolutions before.

Take time daily for self-love

Self-love includes meditation, exercise, yoga, eating properly, sleeping when you need to, taking time for you to recharge, playing a sport, spending time with loved ones, and even practicing gratitude daily. These are all great options, this does not mean you must do all those things daily, it means find a routine or schedule that works for you and you will look forward to doing something daily. If your body and soul are not cared for:   it can affect sound decision making, you will burn out much faster, and it can cause many health issues.

I will work daily on mindset and intention setting

Mindset work means that daily, preferably each morning, you get yourself in a positive mindset, and set the tone for your day. Your thoughts create your life, so constantly push out negativity and replace it with positive thoughts. This is such an impactful practice, it will create many positive shifts in your whole life.

Intention setting goes right along with mindset work, you set your intentions for the day. How do you want your day to go? What do you want the outcomes of your interactions to be today?

Re-evaluate goals and mission statement

Goals are much like intentions, they can be short and long term, your long-term vision should be huge and evolving constantly. Then you have milestones and action items to give you a systematic roadmap to your vision.

Your mission statement should evolve and grow with your business, it is good to review it annually.

I will invest in me

As a small business owner, investing in yourself is investing in the business. Invest in workshops, trainings, a business and/or life coach or something similar that helps you grow to grow your business.

I will only sell pain killers

Do you have some products or services that just seem to not take off? Or they trickle sales in here and there? Are you re-evaluating your customer avatars regularly? Are you basing your services and products on the pains of your avatars? When you know the pains of your market and you create pain-killers, they cannot fail. Therefore, knowing your avatars inside and out is so important. They will see your product or service and may not have even known they needed it, but you did. To your customers, it’s like you got into their head and spoke directly to them. This creates lifelong customer loyalty! Sell only pain killers! It is not about what you think will be a best seller, it’s about what your market wants and needs to solve their pains.

Make this year the best for your business and for you personally as a small business owner. The 2 roles are so integrated that when you improve in one area it directly impacts the other. Set your New Year’s Resolutions with the mindset and intention to fulfill them all!

Happy New Year!

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