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CPA’s: Consider Adding Financial Planning to Your Services

April 26, 2018 by OSYB Staff

For some CPA’s, now that the tax season rush is slowing down, you may want to consider adding another service to your business plan.  As you work with clients, you may find that often times you are asked for your opinion on financial planning strategies, tax implications of an investment, etc.  Have you thought about formally including this service to your repertoire?  Accounting Today shares some reasons as to why you should explore this opportunity:

  • Your foundational tax knowledge is applicable to all areas of financial planning.
  • Your knowledge of the changes in the Tax Code  provides a lot of value to clients.
  • Core CPA services like forecasting, budgeting, planning and analysis, coupled with understanding of the Tax Code enables you to help your clients plan for the future.
  • Tax implications affect every area of financial planning such as college funding, healthcare planning, etc .
  • You already have a well-established client base that knows you and trusts you.

Of course, all of the reasons above are not enough.  You need to get more education to become a CPA financial planner.  The trend is already setting, look into it and see if adding on this service, meets and fits your personal values and business goals.  Remember that automation deeply changes how businesses operate and you want to use technology to make your services more efficient, so that you can provide personal services that go beyond what an app or software can do to improve your clients’ financial standing.

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