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Everyone Needs to Increase Their Email Open Rates!

April 12, 2018 by OSYB Staff

Marketing emails are an important tool in your consumer outreach kit.  So spend time to write an email that will entice your customer to open and read it.  Your email may have great content,  new product information, coupons, discounts or sales, but if the email is unopenned or trashed, you will have failed.  If you were directing your email list to a landing page and your email was unopenend, you have not met your goal.

Neil Patel, QuickSprout, shares “35% of people open emails based solely on the subject line. Furthermore, 69% of people mark messages as spam based on the subject line.”  So here are 7 email subject line ideas that could increase your open email rate:

  1. Personalize it by using their name, birthday, location, transaction history, etc.
  2. Create subject lines that shout out an immediacy and appeal to FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomena like ” 40% sale ends tonight”
  3. Use breaking news headline that has connectivity to your product/service like “Winter Storm Warning and Stock Up On ….”
  4. Use a story telling subject line
  5. Stimulate curiousity
  6. Write concise subject lines
  7. Give free offers

Consider trying one or a few of these tips and see whether it increases your open rates.  The time and energy you spend on writing your marketing emails is fruitless, if your emails are unopened.

For detailed information:  How to Increase Open Rates with These 7 Email Subject Lines

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