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Have You Attended to Your Month-end Checklist?

October 6, 2017 by OSYB Staff

There certainly are some tasks in the running of a small business that few want on their roster of tasks to do and the month-end checklist is probably one of them.  If you’re the accountant, this will be one of the  duties that are vital for you to administer with accuracy and regularity.  Without a month-end check list, you may not have the documentation that you need to share with the person charged with governance to ensure that all closing entries are completed.

View your month-end check list as an efficient mechanism for the month end close process, keeping the required personnel organized, a way to document each person’s role/responsibilities for the tasks required, and to maintain due dates in an orderly manner.

It may not be your favorite task but it pays back in dividends by keeping your accounting process on target.

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