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Tips on QuickBooks 2012 Express Start

April 2, 2012 by Ed Becker

If you missed Part I of my overview on QuickBooks 2012 Express Start, see this link:

What is QuickBooks 2012 Express Start?

Now for a few quick tips on getting the most out of Express Start:

Importing Data

The final Express Start screen gives you tools for adding or importing contacts, items, services, and bank accounts. This can be a huge time saver if you are migrating to QuickBooks from another accounting package or if you have customer data already setup in another database.

However, this step isn’t required. You can skip the import step and start working in the newly created company QuickBooks file immediately. Simply save your company file and you’ll be able to start invoices, bills, and transactions. You can always add customers, vendors, employees, products, services, and bank accounts, or even use import tools, later

Activity-Driven Calendar (New Feature)

One of the great features within the new Express Start is an activity-driven calendar. It offers not only reminders to keep you apprised of each day’s tasks, but also provides information about the past and future.

Once you enter an appointment, to-do, or key business task (invoices, bills, purchase orders, etc.), it appears in the calendar. You can display a graphical view of the month that tallies activities for each day and lists them below. Daily and weekly views are in list form and links can open the original documents for that date.

Skipping Express Start

QuickBooks 2012 Express Start feature can be a time saver for certain situations, but it’s not required that you use it. You can still use an Advanced Setup version which basically is the old EasyStep interview that solicits more details. Alternatively, you can open an existing file or convert data from Quicken or other accounting software.

Should You Use Express Start with QuickBooks 2012?

In summary, if you plan on setting up a new company file in QuickBooks, give Express Start a shot. It can get you up and running quicker than setup options in versions of QuickBooks prior to QuickBooks 2012.

If you have special requirements or simply want to be 100% certain that everything in your QuickBooks file is setup optimally from day one, consider hiring OutSource Your Books to help. We’re happy to serve as an express Express Start, handling every detail for you so you’ll get the most out of QuickBooks today and in the future.

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