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Mobile Accounting Apps- Which Ones are Really as Good as They Say?

August 4, 2014 by Ed Becker

There are many mobile apps for accounting, bookkeeping, expense recording, and even invoicing and banking. In this day and age of mobile everything and with the busyness of small business owners, essentially everyone depends on mobile devices for most everything. But we have all tried apps that sounded amazing but turned out to be less than stellar. So are there really good financial or accounting apps for your mobile phone?

Mobile Accounting Apps- Which Ones are Really as Good as They Say?Articles and reviews speak to the plethora of accounting and finance apps available, free and paid, some of which are really great tools for busy business people who need to have access to a mobile device instantly. There are some big software names that are touting these apps, and some that you may not have heard of who are also holding their own.

FreshBooks hits the top of nearly every review and top ten list for best cloud accounting apps. It touts hours of time savings when you use the complete online service. They have also received several awards for exceptional customer service. Their innovative streamlined interface has free features and client portals. You can track your time, and create and send invoices. It is fully cloud functional so it can be used at home, in the office, or on your mobile phone. This is a must have tool for freelancers or creative consultants that are out more than they are at a desk. There are different user/subscription levels to choose from; the Mighty Oak version has all the bells and whistles and helps project managers handle team timesheets and expense reporting conveniently. The mobile apps for iPad and iPhone are free to subscribers and a blackberry app can be obtained from a third party provider. FreshBooks’ biggest positive is that they realize that most of their customers are not accountants. They have designed the program to be so user friendly that many have even said it makes accounting pleasant.

Overall there are very good apps for your mobile phone and/or devices that are great for accounting and other business recordkeeping. Many programs integrate with a desktop program or are cloud based to stay in sync from device to device. For the busy small business owners or the traveling freelancers, these apps are practically heaven-sent.

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