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7 QuickBooks Apps that will Maximize Bookkeeping Efficiency

April 29, 2013 by Ed Becker

Synopsis: An overview of 7 exciting QuickBooks Apps that can improve bookkeeping efficiency for small businesses.

The rapidly evolving Intuit App Center offers software add-ons that can dramatically improve bookkeeping efficiency. The app center allows 3rd party software developers to create powerful new services that expand the core QuickBooks experience. Below you will find 7 exiting apps that have the potential to radically change your daily accounting routine.


Is your office littered with receipts waiting to be manually entered into QuickBooks? ShoeBoxed is a clever app that allows small businesses to take a meaningful step towards the coveted paperless office. The service requires accountants to simply compile receipts in a prepaid envelope and mail them off to ShoeBoxed for processing. One week later, you’ll have a digital image of every receipt and have all expenses reconciled with your QuickBooks accounts. While obviously saving an enormous amount of time, this service also ensures that all receipts are retained in an IRS approved format.


Let’s face it, numbers can be pretty boring to the average Joe. BodeTree takes your lifeless business data and transforms it into beautiful professional reports, rich with colorful charts and descriptive graphics. Whether you’re pitching your business to new investors or analyzing the local competition, this intuitive app often eliminates the need to hire expensive business consultants.

Intuit Remote Access

Imagine being stuck on the road without access to important company data. The QuickBooks Remote Access add-on solves this dilemma by allowing you to access your data anywhere with an Internet connection. This add-on allows you to control your PC remotely to handle any bookkeeping task, just as if you were sitting in your office.

Concur Expense Reports

Keeping track of travel expenses for employees is time-consuming and just plain annoying for most small businesses. Concur syncs business credit cards and travel itineraries, allowing comprehensive expense reports to be generated with the click of a button. Best of all, this service can be managed with the Concur mobile app, allowing you to submit and approve expense reports from anywhere in the world.

QuickBooks Shipping Manager

If your business ships products on a regular basis, you know how important carrier rates are to the bottom line. The free QuickBooks Shipping Manager App provides seamless integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. This user-friendly app allows shipping labels to be printed and recorded directly from the dashboard. As an added bonus, QuickBooks customers automatically receive discounted shipping rates when they integrate this add-on.


Building a strong online presence has become an exceedingly complex challenge in today’s world. It is essential for small business owners to gain deep insight into customer preferences to fully harness the potential of web 2.0 technologies. DemandForce bridges this gap by engaging your existing customers in QuickBooks with surveys and reviews. The data gained from this app can help you make important decisions that will improve the customer experience.


Neglecting accounts receivable is a recipe for disaster. The ZenCash app expands the QuickBooks experience by adding a graphical display of your existing AR balances. From here, you can send deadbeat customers to a 3rd party collection agency. Taking this a step further, you can pursue legal action with collections attorneys directly from the app dashboard. ZenCash will keep your AR strictly managed and improve your turnover ratio.

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