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Website Cyber Threats

June 25, 2019 by OSYB Staff

QuickSprout shares that 43% of cyber crimes are against small businesses, an estimated 54% of companies worldwide say they have experienced at least one attack within the last year, and the sad news is that 38% of businesses report that they are not prepared to handle a cyber attack. Do you recognize cyber threats?

Here are some common website threats and vulnerabilities shared by QuickSprout:

  1. Spam
  • spam in comment sections can fill your site with comments that link to other sites
  • some of these comments may have malware that can impact your customers if they click on them
  • your SEO ranking can be affected, if Google’s crawlers detect malicious URLs and then penalize your website for hosting spam

2. Viruses and malware (malicious software) – Malware is probably the the greatest threat to a website with as many as 230,000 malware samples created each day.

3. WHOIS domain registration – When a domain is bought, the company publicly records business names and contact information. Certain countries require releasing some buyer information that is recorded on WHOIS data. This information will include personal information and URL nameservers. Hackers can use this information to narrow down the location of the server and use this as a gateway to access web servers.

4. DDOS attacks – hackers use spoof IP addresses to overload servers with traffic which then takes the website offline and thereby denies access to users trying to visit a specific website. This essentially takes the website offline. During the time, the host is working on bringing back the server it is vulnerable to malware.


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