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Tips on Lowering Operating Costs

October 8, 2019 by OSYB Staff

In a previous post, we shared the definition of operation costs. Keeping abreast of operating costs at regular intervals is vital, as this information allows for improving profit margins. Reduction of operational costs directly affects profitability. Intuit Quickbooks shares ways to lower your operating costs:

  • Stay in step with current pertinent technology regularly, as the appropriate latest technology can promote efficiency and decrease errors.
  • Consider outsourcing certain business practices to highly skilled professionals while weighing the costs and benefits.
  • Be abreast of vendor costs and be open to reassess, evaluate and change vendors while maintaining your standard of quality.
  • Think about telecommuting options for certain job positions to save on physical office costs.
  • Pay invoices on time or early when discounts are offered for early or on-time payments.
  • Be on a constant lookout to find ways to be more efficient and encourage your whole team to participate. Offering an incentive directly related to the savings incurred by identifying an efficiency may be a great team building effort.
  • Assess services that you subscribe to and cancel those that are not being used and shop around for more efficient services.
  • Be energy efficient to contribute to global environmental concerns and save money at the same time on utility costs.


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