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Tips for a Clutter-Free Office Space

May 21, 2019 by OSYB Staff

What’s with all the clutter? Too busy, have too much stuff, or are you just comfortable surrounded by things? Truth is studies indicate that clutter can increase stress levels. Intuit Quickbooks shares some tips on how to best de-clutter your workspace and work in an office environment that will increase your productivity.

  • set aside adequate time to clean up at one fell swoop – often times cleaning up in batches, can lead to procrastination and just re-start the clutter cycle
  • take out everything that is not work-related and place in a box, don’t get distracted by trying to find another home for each item
  • while you are organizing, take a dust cloth and wipe things down
  • desk space is prime, so put only items that you use with regularity and store others away in accessible places
  • create a filing system for the most necessary paperwork and work on digitizing whatever you can
  • sort paperwork into 2 piles, this “week” and “later”, make an immediate choice and don’t get stuck on one paper, make a decision between the two piles and plow on
  • use your wall space but don’t clutter it either
  • add a weekly or even daily organization time slot on your work schedule

A clean and tidy work space can help you concentrate and focus on the task at hand.


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Image Credit: Deposit Photos