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Starting a Business with Zero Funds

June 13, 2019 by OSYB Staff

TechPluto suggests that zero capital should not deter executing a solid business plan. Here are some of their suggestions on how to launch a good business plan with little to no capital:

  • Work on your business plan – take all the time you need to strategize, test your business plan and refine it, study the market, competitors, your service/product’s uniqueness, industry trends, etc.
  • Stick with your day job for stability and financial resources until you are totally prepared to strike out on your own.
  • Check out various funding options:
  1. establish a start-up fund – which can come from personal savings
  2. consider and investigate successful crowdfunding methods
  3. check out business loans and grants, thoroughly research all opportunities and check out lending programs
  • Build a network – networking is key, make meeting people a job responsibility – everyone you meet and get to know increases your ability to understand the industry, and perhaps even lead you to potential investors.

Starting a business is a scary venture but with a solid business strategy and determination, there are opportunities to be discovered.


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