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Should You Automate Your Invoicing? Part 2

January 9, 2020 by OSYB Staff

In part 1 of our summary of an Intuit QuickBooks blog, we covered what you should know more about before you decide to automate your invoices. Here is more information as you think about automation:

  • automation will save time and minimize errors when done properly
  • use parts of your current system to start the process, for example the invoicing feature of the software will auto-fill in client information and other specifics can be manually entered.
  • utilize other features like automatic reoccurring invoices
  • invoices can be emailed and hard copies can also be printed
  • automation often eases customers’ experience
  • the accounts receivable ratios often improve as turn-over time is reduced with automatic emailed invoices
  • customer retention and acquisition costs may improve as the buying process is more efficient

Once you have decided, here are some things to get working on:

  • gather data on your invoice process and make sure you and your staff discuss all the positives and negatives of your current process, and any possible improvements
  • then talk to your accountant and other professionals about what software programs would be the best fit for your needs
  • work closely with your accounting staff and the software consultant to ensure that all your needs are met and other options are available for future use

As you start using the automated process, create an accounting automated procedures manual that includes:

  • all the routine tasks and process to complete them
  • person/s responsible for task completion
  • list the time frame for each task

Use your manual to train your staff and more importantly, right before the new automated process is in place, ensure that all your employees have an appropriate understanding of the new process. As important is to make sure that you inform your clients about the upgrade, and share with them how this new process can benefit them and your company.


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