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September Heralds the 3rd Tax Quarter

September 6, 2018 by OSYB Staff

Don’t Mess with Taxes shares 5 tax goals to accomplish in the month of September:

  1.  File your 2017 taxes as soon as possible, there is no need to wait for the October 15th deadline.
  2.  Adjust your withholding based on what happened last year, whether you owed a lot or received a large refund, either instance suggests that you need to re-evaluate your payroll withholding as new tax provisions can affect what you owe or what you get next filing year.
  3.  Pay your 3rd estimated  tax payment due on September 17.
  4.  Check on the education tax breaks as there have been some changes.
  5.   Stay posted on the weather, most especially, if you live in a hurricane prone area.  “TCJA now limits who can apply for tax relief in connection with a disaster.  Now only damages from presidentially-declared major disasters can be claimed as an itemized deduction.”

As with any tax advice, please confer with your personal tax professional.

For details:  5 tax moves to make in September 2018

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