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Relax … the busy season is mostly over

May 22, 2018 by OSYB Staff

With all the new tax changes and evolving roles that you could be taking on, it may feel like the stress of the tax season is hanging around longer than it should.  Accounting Today, shares 10 tips to help you rejuvenate after a stressful period:

  1.   Celebrate your successes
  2.   Inspire with purpose
  3.   Recognize individual and team contributions
  4.   Solidify short and long term goals and assess them regularly
  5.   Motivate by example
  6.   Invigorate your pipeline meetings
  7.   Add client debriefings to your calendar
  8.   Utilize training sessions for any deficiencies that may have come up during the last tax season
  9.   Offer individual and team incentives
  10.   Always be open to reassessing and improving processes to upgrade your service

For more details: 10 ways to refocus after busy season

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