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PayPal or Stripe?

July 30, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Your small business plans are falling into place, you have finally gotten the website to represent your business in the way that best fits your branding and goals. Now, you have to decide how to accept on-line payments.

QuickSprouts shares 2 names that you will probably have come across in your research: PayPal and Stripe. Both are payment gateways and payment service providers. Here are some things to know about each.

PayPal offers 3 main plans to choose from while with Stripe your payment processing will be the same, regardless of what features you’re taking advantage of. You will only pay for the tools that you choose to use.

In terms of pricing, Paypal, has three plans that all charge 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and the only plan with a monthly fee is the Payments Pro plan. Stripe also charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. But they do have custom pricing packages for things like volume discounts and multi-product discounts. Both services are even when you compare the cost per transaction rates.

Both have excellent customer service and technical support. For ease of use PayPal is great for beginners and Stripe has more options that can be customized. Both have pay as you go contracts and no cancellation fees.

Take a strong close look at both of these reputable options and use the one that best fits your business interests.


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