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Organize Your Paperwork

June 18, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Running a small business is a gargantuan workload, simplify whatever tasks you can to simplify the flow of business. Nothing is worse than wasting precious time in search of paperwork. Intuit Quickbooks shares an organization methodology worth starting:

  • Stock up on organization tools:
  1. Filing cabinet
  2. File folders
  3. Label maker for folders
  4. Shredder
  5. Safe for important documents
  • Create a system for efficient paperwork flow for both physical and digital files – a good rule of thumb is to manage the paper flow so it is touched the least number of times and easy to find when needed.
  • Be systematic while organizing, start and finish one area before you start tackling another spot.
  • Outdated unnecessary paperwork should be sent to the circular file or the shredder, the seven-year rule of thumb holds for most documents but know which ones you need to hold on to.
  • Remember that your organizational system needs to cater to easy and immediate access, so file accordingly.
  • Always have digital back-up that is easily retrievable and make sure that your back-up is safely and securely stored.
  • Establish a system to maintain your paperwork flow to prevent future pile-ups.


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Image Credit: Deposit Photos