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Marketing Tips That Count

January 17, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Sometimes it’s not enough to know what the right things to do are, it is also important to know what the things are that you should not do.  Neil Patel, NY Times best selling author, with 18 years of marketing experience shares his marketing principles to live.  Here are some of Neil’s valuable points to consider:

  1.  You don’t have to be FIRST – treat fresh opportunities with mindfulness but know when to jump in, if the direction fits your business goals.
  2.  Not all connections are meant to last forever – know when something doesn’t work for you and move on.
  3.   Stay diversified – utilize as many opportunities as you can without burdening your business plan.
  4.  Your message has to be crisp and concise – give the market a clear reason as to why YOU over the competition.
  5.   Rely on data – collect data with regularity and use the data to make marketing choices and decisions.
  6.   Build up your brand – people connect to brands, constantly work on improving your brand, brands are powerful and reinforce longevity.  Always protect your brand.
  7.   Video is important – video is the future,  and post your videos everywhere.
  8.   Utilize the right influencers – having the appropriate influencers can drive sales.
  9.   Headlines are more important than content – spend as much time writing your headline as you do your content.
  10.   Never be unethical.

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