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Make Fridays Even More Special

May 14, 2019 by OSYB Staff

After the Wednesday hump, most employees start livening up and looking forward to the weekend. On the flip side, for small business owners, the weekend often just means yet another work day. Intuit QuickBooks shares some ideas for small business owners to reinvent Fridays and make them just as Fun for you:

  • Think of Friday as clean-up day and clear-up stuff that you’ve been putting off all week so you can start Mondays on a fresh note.
  • Work in a mutually agreed upon Friday team bonding and building activity, whether it’s an extended coffee and breakfast feast or just extra time to chill and share.
  • If you work on your own, think of creative ways to reward yourself, indulge in a regular treat or find something fun and new to do.
  • Share personal joys with your team. Create a joy wall and have everyone share whatever brings them happiness, something as simple as enjoying rainbows after spring showers.
  • If you work from home go to a work bar, or work from home if you work elsewhere, and luxuriate in a different energy level than you are used to.
  • Sometimes, Fridays can just be half-days.


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