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Is Your Small Business Stagnant?

November 7, 2016 by Ed Becker




Small businesses will always have ups and downs, growth spurts and plateaus. But at some point it could become stagnant, which then could lead to decay. This is something that you as a business owner may not see in time to nip stagnation in the bud. By going unnoticed or being ignored, things can go from growth to death very quickly. Staying on top of where your business is, has to be a constant priority.

Once a small business grows to a point where it has a good team and is showing steady profits, sometimes you may back off and put in less time, or take a break, or delegate most of the work to the team. This is absolutely understandable, after all, you have put your life into this business for a while and may really need the break. However, if the break is too long or the team is not appropriately managed this can also create havoc in business growth.

Ask yourself these questions to make sure your business never stops growing:

We will be filling in more details behind these questions over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to bookmark this page for the latest or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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