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How to Take Care of Your Seasonal Employees

December 13, 2018 by OSYB Staff

If you own a seasonal business or regularly increase your work force during certain seasons, sound business strategy would suggest that you treat your short-term employees as long-term assets.  By doing so, you create a culture of mutual loyalty and a pursuit of common business goals despite a break in service.   So how do you build a solid relationship with seasonal employees?  Intuit QuickBooks shares some tips:

  • Hire people who seek seasonal employment as it meets their needs and schedule – for example students or people looking to supplement their income for a finite period
  • Treat seasonal employees as you would all your employees – hiring and training new employees is very costly, so work on having your seasonal employees come back year after year
  • Pay and send your seasonal employees to industry events that will enhance their business  knowledge and also reveals to them that you value their role in the workforce
  • Consider some form of tuition reimbursement for your seasonal employees that is connected to their return to seasonal employment for a number of years
  • Include your seasonal employees in your year-round plans, ask them to take on tasks during the year if they are able to, or ask them to cover for employee vacations, etc.

Treating your seasonal employees well throughout the year only reaps benefits for you year-round.  A loyal better trained seasonal workforce during your busiest times is a great asset.  And don’t forget to invite them to any events that you may hold during the year.

For more detailed information:  Five Things to Do with Seasonal Employees when Business Slows

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