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How to Hire and Retain the Best Employees

January 28, 2020 by OSYB Staff

Your employees are one of your most important assets. Hiring and retaining the best employees should be a high priority in your business model. Inc. com shares what some of the smartest leaders do to bring on the best and brightest and keep them on your team. Here are some of the strategies you should consider:

  • Examine your recruitment process, it all starts here. “It is about finding people who truly connect with the purpose of your brand, and are looking to develop both themselves and your organization throughout the whole process, shared Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor.”
  • Know what complements your team but at the same time will fill in the missing pieces. Cathy Skula, Executive VP, Franchising for  Rent-A-Center says, “Leaders should be looking for talent with not only the personality to fit in with the team and culture, but someone who also possesses the confidence and influencing skills to challenge the team to improve.”
  • Hire employees who inhale and exhale passion for your mission. According to Matthew Eichhorst, President of Expedia Cruiseship Centers, ” tailor conversational questions that will clearly reveal whether or not the potential employee supports your company’s mission and cares about your work and your customers.”
  • Once hired, stay connected to your employees. ” Once you officially hire your highly sought out employee, carve out time quarterly to sit down with them to temperature-check their experience”, says Dan Tarantin, President and CEO of Harris Research, Inc.
  • Give your employees opportunities to expand their abilities. “Give those individuals added responsibility, expose them to more areas of the business, empower them with the necessary tools needed to succeed, and have them report back,” shares Tarantin.
  • Cultivate a corporate culture that supports and sustains mutual respect and appreciation.

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