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Freelancers, Know Thy Time-Tracking Applications

December 7, 2017 by OSYB Staff

As a freelancer, tracking the time you spend on numerous clients can sometimes be cumbersome and confusing.  Freelancers that don’t track their time meticulously will lose precious income.  Intuit Quickbooks has done some research and here are their 6 favorite time-tracking applications:

Best Time-Tracking Apps for Personal Productivity

  1.   Productivity Time Challenger – “For those who work from home and constantly have the black hole of the internet lurking one unopened tab away, an app like this can be great for keeping you on track.”
  2.   Hours – “Hours offers easy-to-use time tracking without any unnecessary features getting in the way, however is only IOS compatible.”
  3.   Timesheet – “Timesheet offers users a connected web-based and Android app to effectively track time between different projects.”

Best Employee Time-Tracking Apps

  1.   QuickBooks – “The QuickBooks’ time-tracking feature allows you to easily track not only the time you spend on a project, but the time your employees and contractors spend, too.”
  2.   TSheets – “TSheets is a time-tracking app that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. Your employees can use it to track their hours and submit timesheets from any device.”
  3.   BillQuick – “BillQuick is compatible with Quickbooks and is a cloud-based system which allows for easy time-tracking, with added bonuses like expense reporting, receipt recording, and report generating.”

For all the details:  6 Best Time-Tracking Apps for Freelancers

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