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Framework to Draw in Clients

January 22, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Intuit ProConnect shares a framework that you can use to bring in more clients and to add value to the work that you perform for them.  Here are some ideas to embrace and work on:

  1. Send clients a letter that shares that the most significant tax reform in thirty years is coming into play, and it is important to proactively plan for this change and to take this time to review benefits offered by their employers.
  2. Invite clients to come in for a tax planning appointment.
  3. Offer clients a link to self-schedule an appointment or to call in.
  4. To expedite efficiency offer phone and/or video conference calls as options.

Here are some of the topics that you will go over with them:

  1. Go over and document their short-term and long- term goals
  2. Work with them on their wealth-building benefits
  3. Discuss their wellness benefits
  4. Review their employer paid expenses

As you uncover all this information together, you can offer clients your best advice to increase their savings and minimize their tax burden.  Discussing and documenting their financial goals with them is often a great start to get them thinking about their goals.  Investigating the benefits that their employer offers, accords you the chance to share with your clients the advantages of accessing certain benefits.  This advice increases your value to your clients as you move from tax preparer to tax advisor.  Even if your clients, don’t jump on the idea immediately, you have set the tone to start a new role as tax savings professional.

For more details:  Leading with Tax Planning: The Employer Benefit Review

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