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Feeling Burnout at Work?

January 14, 2020 by OSYB Staff

If it feels like there are too many deadlines to meet or you seem to be the only go-to-person in the office and you are beginning to feel more than stretched and stressed out, and to top if off, you also feel under appreciated and not valued – sounds like it’s more than time for a few change-ups.

Mollie Machlin, Inside Accountant, shares 3 ways to fight burnout at work. Check them out:

  • Start thinking about ways to alleviate the stress, consider alternative solutions like rearranging your workload or switching clients, then start a discussion with your supervisor about how you can work together to create a sustainable work flow. Look for other work avenues that interest and stimulate you and will temper your stressors.
  • Keep the reasons why you do what you do in perspective – when you have a future goal that you desire to achieve, it makes the daily grind that you perform to achieve your final destination more palatable.
  • Use your leisure time with the gusto that it deserves. If you don’t play enough and attain satisfaction in your time off – then the time you spend grinding away at work becomes even harder to bear.

Try some of these suggestions or come up with your own ways to relieve burnt out feelings at work. The key is do something or at least try some thing. Nothing will change if you don’t.


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