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Does Your Marketing Plan Include Any of the Latest Trends?

February 21, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Marketing trends are in constant flux as technology advances and older tech morph and start to do a comeback.  QuickSprout shares some of the marketing trends that you may want to incorporate into your business strategy to stay in or ahead of the game.  Here are some of the innovations you may want to check out:

  1.  Chatbots – not new technology but there is a resurgence of its use and it does enhance customer service.
  2.   Interactive Video Content – videos increase engagement and interactive videos that allow viewers to have 360-degree views have even higher click rates.
  3.  IGTV – is relatively new so check it out.  Similar to Youtube, but owned by Instagram, the videos are in vertical format and are better for mobile phone usage.  If the over 1 billion instagram users latch onto IGTV you want to be prepared.
  4.  Voice Search – not a new technology but has improved vastly and will directly impact e-commerce sales.
  5.  Mobile payments – if you don’t have mobile pay options, you should offer it as mobile payment use by consumers is expanding.  Customers can pre-pay for goods or pay with alternative payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

As the market changes, so does your business planning.  Keep up with the strong trends or you may get left behind.

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Image Credit:  Deposit Photos