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Do You Send Out Welcome Emails?

February 28, 2019 by OSYB Staff

If you are not sending out a welcome email to every new customer, you are missing out on cultivating a good customer relationship.  QuickSprout shares some tips on how to use welcome emails that will attract client sales.  Here are some easy pointers:

  1.   Use a double opt-in strategy – new clients receive your welcome email and are then asked to confirm that they requested  to be on your email list.  This helps to filter out bad email addresses and spam accounts, and at the same time confirm interested parties.  Remember it’s not about the length of your email list but the quality.
  2.   Be prompt about sending a welcome email.  It should be as instantaneous as possible and don’t use bulk welcome emails that delay your response time.
  3.   Once subscribed, send them a thank you for subscribing and perhaps an incentive to make a purchase, like a discount on their next purchase.
  4.   In your welcome email, let them know what type of content they will get and how often they will be receiving emails from you.  Never send more emails than they ask for, otherwise you could lose subscribers.
  5.  Entice your new client to make customer referrals and you can do that by offering rewards for referrals.

Using a well strategized and formatted email list will improve your customer relations and draw in more sales.


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Image Credit:  Deposit Photos