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Do You Have a Public Relations Strategy?

January 29, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Don’t wait to have a public relations (PR) strategy until something goes wrong.  Holding off on a PR plan until a crisis happens is not a good idea.  A good public relations strategy means that you are communicating regularly with the public about your company’s reputation, and it is part of your overall branding strategy.

QuickSprout shares some great ideas on how to start working on a public relations strategy:

  • understand the difference between marketing strategy and public relations’ strategy
  • study and learn public relations strategies
  • harness your newfound PR learning and apply it to improve your brand exposure
  • discover the different types of media like owned media, paid media, and earned media and utilize each one to further your brand recognition
  • examine inbound public relations that targets media outlets and incorporate it into your overall strategy
  • measure and track metrics on your PR plan and goals
  • have the appropriate personnel to run your PR plan

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