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Creative Perks to Boost Employee Morale

October 15, 2013 by Ed Becker

As a small business owner, it is hardly realistic to offer huge bonuses and stock options to keep your employees happy. Fortunately, there are many other creative (and affordable) strategies that will keep your team feeling positive and operating at peak performance. Thinking outside the box can make huge impact on your corporate culture, without sacrificing financial performance.

Technology for Everybody

Instead of handing out a company wide bonus, consider providing employees with the cutting edge technology to support their job responsibilities– such as a tablet computer or smart phone. Keeping up with the latest advancements in business technology will send the message that your company is on track for success in the future. Not only will these devices promote employee happiness, but they will also increase productivity.

Work from Home, Starbucks, or Hawaii

Cloud based technology is making the 9 to 5 grind a thing of the past. When your business information is synced in the cloud, it becomes possible to work efficiently at any location with high-speed Internet access. For example, OSYB’s small business bookkeeping services include the ability to access QuickBooks software and data, hosted on our servers, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Allowing employees to work from home or from a remote location of their choice is a win-win for everybody involved. The business will see a sharp decrease in sick days, while employees will be proud to work for a forward-thinking company. According to a Wall Street Journal survey, 70% of home-based workers are proud to be employed by their company. Whether working from Starbucks or Hawaii, having freedom from the cubicle provides a major boost to employee morale.

As an added benefit, telecommuting provides the possibility to access a much larger talent base for future hires. Your potential talent pool is literally worldwide when you open a new remote position.


Let Dogs Hang Out in the Office

Allowing well-trained pets to accompany your employees to work can completely change the dynamic of the office. Transforming Monday into a “Bring your Dog to Work” will allow your team to bond on a personal level. Pets can be social catalysts that ignite conversations between people of all backgrounds. You can take this perk to a whole new level by hiring a mobile groomer to visit the office and provide free baths for the tail-waggers. Implementing a dog-friendly program comes at a minimal cost and will showcase your compassionate business vision.

Subsidize Gym Memberships

Giving employees free access to a gym membership is great moral booster with several unique benefits. Simply set a monthly allowance of $50 per month and reimburse those who can show active participation at the gym. Healthy and physically active employees are less likely to become sick, which translates into lower healthcare costs down the road. Not to mention, subsidizing gym memberships can be deducted as an ordinary employment related expense. In many cases, this will be the motivation needed for an employee to make a lifestyle change that brings long-term health and happiness.

Travel as a Team

Escaping from the office gives bosses and employees the chance to connect on a genuine level. Instead of arranging boring company picnic, envision a day trip to an exciting local spot that will leave a lasting memory. Attend a Major League Baseball game, participate in a charity run, or enter into the annual chili cook-off in your town – just to name a few ideas. Make sure to arrange team-building activities throughout the trip to reinforce the important role that each individual plays in your organization.

How Do You Achieve Happiness?

These are just a few of the many ways you can improve employee happiness and improve the strength of your team. Is employee happiness something you actively work on in your business? What has worked in your company (or not worked)? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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