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Check Out Ways to Recognize Your Employees

January 31, 2019 by OSYB Staff

An act of kindness or a token of appreciation can really make someone’s day.  Your employees work hard with you to attain your business goals and acknowledgement from management goes a long way.  Recognition adds to everyone’s happy quotient.  Here are some samples of popular employee recogntion applications and some of their features:


  • Helps you to create an event to celebrate a career
  • Helps you to write a note, create a card, or a certificate
  • Provides you with tips, facts and quotes, and sample videos


  • One-on-one Customer Success managers
  • Helps with defining employee program goals
  • Partners with you to to increase employee engagement, build a recognition culture, and promote leader performance.

Give a WOW

  • Helps build a culture of employee recognition
  • Customizes an employee recognition program to fit your budget
  • Customizes ideas for employee appreciation awards and products to fit your budget and recognize any achievement.


  • Encourages everyone to send & receive recognition: peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, employee-to-leadership.
  • Measures Company Culture Real-time with Team Pulse
  • Manages your goal setting and performance review process online

With all these options and more, you should find a way to show your employees that they are valuable and important to you and your business.

Image Credit:  Deposit Photos