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Are Your Product Pages Optimized?

August 13, 2019 by OSYB Staff

Successful E-commerce companies have to drive traffic to their website and once there, the objective is to generate sales. QuickSprout shares some important tips on how to make sure that your product pages meet the sales goal. A potential customer lands on your website and because of the well-thought out site navigation. you have created, they should very easily find what they are looking for.

At this point, each visitor is possibly just a click away from making a purchase. A well designed navigable optimized page can change a visitor into a consumer of your goods or services.

Basically, every product page on your site should include:

  • The Product-needs to be at the center of attention
  • Branding – has to be on every page
  • Design – solid design concepts that are functional and user friendly
  • Copywriting – good copywriting should incorporate branding and design

Other tips to consider:

  • Call to action (CTA) must be clear and easy to spot, next in prominence to the product or service, must be in view at all times, and not near other CTA buttons
  • Utilize professional photographs
  • Include social proof like reviews
  • Add videos
  • Create concise crisp product descriptions that marry your brand and cater to your market
  • Use all the elements on the page to explain the value of your product and justify why it is priced priced the way it is
  • Remember to A/B test everything


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