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Are You an Action Taker or a Procrastinator?

May 8, 2017 by Ed Becker

Do you feel that you never get everything done on your to do list? Or are you the one that just pushes through your list and checks off 10-20 items a day?

No matter, if you are an action taker or a procrastinator, we all have room for self-development and improvement. Not to say that either of these personalities or habits are wrong, they are just how people operate, they can be learned behaviors, or reactions out of fear, or limited beliefs in ourselves or they can just be inherent traits.

Action Taker

A very driven personality that seemingly has no fear, takes risks and gets crazy amounts of things accomplished. Usually works long hours and has a hard time relaxing.


A  person who prefers to delay action, and often has list upon lists of tasks and action items often just waiting to be done. Someone who chooses to do something less relevant than to focus on the task of the moment.

No matter what type you are, here are some suggestions for self-development and improvement:

Morning Rituals

Creating and sticking to a morning ritual is epically important for everyone! It sets your mindset for the day, it keeps your focus on positives and makes you more productive and passionate to wake up daily. This is one of the most powerful things you can do for personal and business improvement in your life!


Mindset is based on what you choose to believe, what you choose to think, and it creates the circumstances of your life. What you think, believe, and focus on is what will manifest in your life, in your business, in your finances, your family, etc.  Change your mindset-Change your life! Make your first thought of the day be “This is the Best. Day. Ever!”

3 Top Goals/Actions for the Day

If you are a procrastinator, reducing your list to 3 top goals for the day allows you to stress less and focus on just 3 action items per day. Choose the biggest, hardest or the one that you like the least to complete first. Do this as soon as you finish your morning ritual. Then the rest of the day is easy, the hardest part is complete, you feel accomplished, and your day only gets better and better!

If you are an action taker, reduce your to do list to 3 top goals. It will also reduce your stress, it will allow you to breathe, to take care of you and personal action items that never seem to get done because you are always focused on the next business item to do. Find your balance by getting into alignment with your life’s purpose, working yourself to death every day is not in alignment because life is to be enjoyed, life should have passion.

Some of the above information crosses over to both types of personalities. Just always remember that life should be lived aligned, and passionately, and focused on what needs to be done daily to step into your larger vision. When you live in that daily, you will find your balance and live life more fully, with less stress!

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