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Stay on Top of Your Customers’ Concerns

November 15, 2017 by Ed Becker

Poor customer service often leads to lost customers.   One would think that businesses would work on problems as they arise, unfortunately that is not always the norm.  Sometimes, problems are handled on a case by case basis and businesses forget to look at the root cause of problems that reoccur.  Reoccurring problems are often indicative of systemic breakdowns and/or employee training.

Small Business Profit Explosion shares some tips on how to manage your customer complaints.  If you are small business, it is easy enough to generate a log of customer complaints and go over them weekly or monthly.  Be thorough and understand why the problems arose in the first place.  If you need to make systemic changes do so methodically, and/or add a step in your process to prevent repetitive problems, and check to make sure that your adaptations actually work to solve the problem.  Having a detailed and implemented system to look over customer complaints is one of many ways to ensure that you have satisfied clients.

For more tips and an example:  Customer Service Problems Happen – Just Deal With Them as They Happen

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