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Outside the Box Suggestions to Stay Sane in the Busy Season

January 2, 2018 by OSYB Staff

Happy 2018!!  For some people, January is time to take a deep breath as the holiday festivities slowly peter down to an after glow, and an adventitious time to ponder on plans to meet goals and expectations for a new year.

But for others, it’s a running start right into the fray of the busy season.  It is as expected – the CRAZY season,  but how do YOU plan on holding onto your sanity and gently sail in to the expected turbulent waters and come out tired yet satisfied but not falling apart at the seams.

Grant Hutchinson of Growing Concern has 4 great tips:

  1. Chat with some of the more seasoned professionals in your firm as they can take you back to a time when a pen and calculator were the greatest inventions of the time.  In addition, they may share their sage advice on how they weathered these times.
  2. Consider boxing.  “The focus required to improve timing and push through tiredness erases negative thinking. And after the beat down, as oxygen returns to your muscles, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready for anything.”
  3. Try doing things differently.   “Using your non-dominant hand strengthens neural connections in your brain, and even creates new ones.”  Experiment and use your non-dominant hand for a task like writing or drinking a cool beverage (cool lest you drop it).
  4. Play with balloons.  Blowing up the balloons offers you a chance to take deep breaths.  A short recess playing office balloon volleyball can only lighten the office spirit even for a moment.

Read more and see what one firm is doing to brighten up the busy season:  4 Werid Ways to Keep Your Sanity This Coming Busy Season


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