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Is it Safe to Store Data in the Cloud?

July 26, 2018 by OSYB Staff

Storing data is a real dilemma for companies world-wide.  Maintaining data security is a primary serious concern.  TechPluto shares some things to consider when deciding on how and where to store your data:

  • Choose the right Cloud provider – research providers by reading reviews and checking their reputations and consider companies that “allow clients to use personal data encryption and storage specifications and share the data with authorized persons utilizing a data management key. In addition to this, you must consider how available your data is. Choose a system that allows you safe access to the information any time you want with fast decrypts and downloads.”
  • Use encryption – consider encrypting your data before you upload it to cloud storage and do not give the provider full access to your data or your encryption codes
  • Do not settle for one storage option – protecting your data also means ensuring that it is never lost not just protected from hacking.  If you have only one data storage option you could lose all your data.
  • Have more control of the data – check into encryption keys

Cloud data solutions are the preferred choice of data storage. Cloud storage also protects you from traditional dangers like fire and flood damage, personal computer crashes and theft. Practice precautions like encrypting data on your computers.  “Most hacks happen on personal computers and not in the cloud.”

For more information:  How safe is to store your data in the Cloud?

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