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Is Excel the Best Inventory Tracking Tool for You?

October 13, 2017 by Ed Becker

Are you still using Excel to track your inventory?  Even though it is tried and true and has never failed you in the past – your inventory tool may no longer be the best available way to optimize your small business’s profit margins.

Some of you may have been using Excel since it first came out, it is definitely cost efficient and you are probably really comfortable with it.  Intuit QuickBooks shares 5 ways that switching from Excel to Quickbooks can improve your cost efficiency because QuickBooks:

  1. Provides an audit trail.
  2. Shows a purchasing to payable workflow
  3. Presents historical reporting and visibility
  4. Includes most software that you need
  5. Provides multi-user access with built in workflow and linked transactions

Sometimes, a tried and true process can become outdated and every small business should explore opportunities that can improve their bottom line.

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