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Are Your Client Communications at Par with Current Technology?

January 16, 2018 by Ed Becker

News is old news almost before you have to time to discover and decimate the information, so you do not want to be behind in keeping up with client communications.  Accountex Report shares 6 ways for you to enhance your communication with your clients using the latest technology, as of December 2017:

  1. Your meeting scheduler should be automated or at the very least upgraded – don’t waste time on scheduling meetings, use AI schedulers or an application to schedule meetings
  2. Incorporate automatic meeting reminders – keep everyone’s calendar up-to-date with reminders and avoid the inconvenience of missed appointments
  3. Automate your report generation and distribution systems to clients
  4. Offer other forms of communication like chats apps or text messaging, which can speed up your response time
  5. Utilize voice over internet protocols (VOIP) in place of, or in addition to traditional land lines, as you will have accessibility wherever you can connect to the internet
  6. Develop communications policies and guidelines – make sure your clients are aware of your response time and rate, that way you can prevent unnecessary frustration

Strong and good communications with your clients enhances your relationship, but nothing trumps quality service.

For details:  6 Tips for Improving Client Communication With Technology

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