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How to Best Grow Your Small Business?

September 13, 2017 by OSYB Staff

For the person brave enough to venture out and start a small business, there are all kinds of perils and fears to face.  More often than not, small businesses have a single employee – you.  That’s a lot of pressure for one person to perform all the tasks needed to run a successful business.  So, Intuit QuickBooks spoke to a few small business owners and asked them to share their list of do’s to help you grow a successful business.  Here are a couple:

  • Record your business processes

    We know it takes more time to record your business procedures, as you are trying to figure out the best way to perform a task.  However, recording your business procedures as you develop them will be most helpful over time.  When you hire an employee, your training will run smoother, and if you only use a process intermittently, you may not be able to repeat it so easily.

    Tammy Durden from Tammy’s Office Solutions, mentions, “As the business grows it will become much more difficult to find the time to go back to recreate it all,” so begin recording your processes today.

  • Market your business better

    Although, it may be an expensive start-up cost, a well designed website can really boost your business growth.  Another must for effective marketing is  creating and maintaining a consistent social media presence that is relevant to your potential customers.

    Liz Froment from Location Rebel claims that a professional website is “the lifeblood of your business.”

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