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Are You Engaging Your Customers?

June 12, 2018 by OSYB Staff

Every business owner is determined to engage their target market and be connected to their customers.  How do you know if you are connecting with your audience?  QuickSprouts shares several areas that you need be well versed in to be engaged with your clientele.

Marketing specialists agree that creating engaging content on your website and social media, and email campaigns is top priority.

So what are the top priorities for B2C content creators:

  • Creating more engaging content – 73%
  • Better understanding of what content is effective and what is not? – 58%
  • Creating visual content – 55%
  • Finding more/better ways to repurpose content – 44%
  • Content Optimization  – 43%

And what do you need to know to understand your level of engagement:

  • Know how much time is spent on each page
  • Understand that comments are more important than likes and shares
  • Track conversions
  • Keep an eye on organic traffic with Google Analytics
  • Focus on your email lists
  • Track internal traffic

Clearly, measuring engagement includes a lot of factors.  Understand what you are  tracking and what the metrics reveal.  Be accurate in interpreting your tracking results so that you can fine tune your engaging content to meet your goals.

For more details:  How to Effectively Manage Engagement for Stronger Influence

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