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Announcing Googles’ Jamboard

June 29, 2017 by OSYB Staff

Without getting all “techie” and hard to follow, TechPluto explains how the Jamboard can enhance office collaboration in a business environment where all parties may not share the same physical space.

“The Jamboard is a digital whiteboard which will rival Microsoft’s “Surface Hub”. The “Jamboard” is a digital whiteboard with internet connectivity that resembles a giant tablet. The product is $5,000 vs. the Microsoft’s $21,000 full blown computer on the wall.”

Some nifty features of this 55-inch 4k resolution display include:

  • allows a person to draw shapes and use various colors, and it can be displayed simultaneously on dozens of other displays of Jamboard
  • can connect to other computers and tablets as well – people on the other side can also work on the same project in real-time

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